Why Bilingual Education?

Why Bilingual Education?

Recent research indicates that bilingual speakers can outperform monolinguals in certain mental abilities. The bottom line is that bilingualism is good for you.


Judith Kroll,

addressing the audience at the American Association
for the Advancement of Science in Washington D.C., 2011

Research shows that being bilingual has many benefits. Compared to monolinguals, bilinguals:

  • Are less easily distracted
  • Can switch from one task to another more easily
  • Have the ability to pay closer attention to tasks
  • Possess stronger executive functioning skills
  • Show more empathy in interactions with others
  • Have a reduced chance of developing age-related dementia
  • After 4-7 years of second language immersion, learners perform as well or better than peers
  • Acquire bi-cultural skills
  • Have more career opportunities

Providing your child with a bilingual education
is an opportunity that cannot be missed; a shot that cannot be blocked!

At Global Idea School

  • 50% of the day is in English and 50% of the day is in Spanish
  • We establish clear routines and expectations to ease transition
  • The learning environment is comfortable and safe for learners to “come out of their shell”
  • We foster peer-to peer support between native English and native Spanish speakers