Monthly Theme

Monthly Theme

At Global Idea School, each month has a theme and an open-ended question that teachers present to learners in a large group activity. The question sparks conversation between learners and provides the teachers with ideas they incorporate in their lesson plans of our cross-disciplinary curriculum.

Some of the activities and educational materials in the classroom are based on the month’s theme. The students also look forward to the monthly special event teachers organize around the theme.

Students learn about the monthly theme in a global context. For example, for Mother’s and Father’s Day, in addition to celebrating the mothers and fathers in our school community, students explore the different roles of mothers and fathers around the world.

Theme & Conversation Starters



Welcome to Global Idea School

What do you want to learn about your classmates and teachers?


Indigenous People’s Day

What is your family tree like?


& Día de acción de gracias

What is our purpose & role in our community?


Happy Holidays

What makes us special?


Martin Luther King
& César Chávez

Where do people live and what do they do?


Love and Friendship

How do we communicate with ourselves, our friends, and our world?


Spring is Here

What can we do to keep our planet safe?


A Special Day with a Special Person

What do we need to grow strong and healthy?


Happy Mother’s Day

How many ways can our body move?


Happy Father’s Day

What if…?